Arts and Education Council

Thank You for Your Support

The Arts and Education Council is deeply grateful to all donors and community partners for sharing our vision.

2012 Annual Donors

$200,000 and Above

Edward Jones


$100,000 - $199,999

The Boeing Company

Owen Development


$50,000 - $99,999

Ameren Corporation            


Nine Network of Public Media             

PNC Foundation


$25,000 - $49,999

Brown Shoe Company        

Laclede Gas Charitable Trust              


The Monsanto Fund            

Wells Fargo Advisors


$10,000 - $24,999

Louis D. Beaumont Fund No.1 of the Greater

   Saint Louis Community Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. John D. Beuerlein          

BJC HealthCare    

Centene Charitable Foundation         

Employees Community Fund of Boeing St. Louis            

Greater Saint Louis Community Foundation     

Mary Ranken Jordan and Ettie A. Jordan Charitable Foundation  

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth S. Kranzberg    

Novus International Inc.      

Schnuck Markets Inc.          

Sigma-Aldrich Corporation 

St. Louis Rams      

Mr. and Mrs. James D. Weddle           


$5,000 - $9,999

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Bachmann       

The Gertrude and William A. Bernoudy Foundation        


Bryan Cave LLP    

Commerce Bancshares Foundation  

Mrs. Adele B. Dilschneider  

Mr. Norman L. Eaker            

Edison Family Foundation 

Ernst & Young LLP               

Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. Galvin             

Ms. Barbara B. Goodman    

Barbara Grace Charitable Remainder Trust       

The Graybar Foundation     

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas E. Hill               

Mr. Timothy Kirley

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Krekeler          

Mrs. Mary Langenberg         

Thomas L. and Lauren A. Migneron   

Jim and Merry Mosbacher   

Nestlé Purina PetCare Company        

Evelyn B. Olin Charitable Trust           

Peabody Energy   

RubinBrown LLP   

Mr. and Mrs. William C. Rusnack       

Southwest Airlines               

Washington University in St. Louis   

Webster University


 $2,500 -$4,999 

Archdiocese of St. Louis     


Arthur & Helen Baer Foundation         

Bank of America   

Ms. Anne E. Bannister         

Center of Creative Arts (COCA)

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Ciapciak         

Dr. William H. Danforth        

Ms. Debra Denham

Mr. and Mrs. Leo A. Drey     

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard T. Eschbach    

Mr. and Mrs. Jordan W. Evans           

Fox Family Foundation       

Mrs. Kristin J. Guehlstorf     


Mr. and Mrs. Henry O. Johnston        

Mr. and Mrs. Jerald L. Kent 

Terri and Steven Leyton      

Drs. Dan and Susan Luedke               

Maryville University             

Mrs. Priscilla McDonnell     

Opera Theatre of Saint Louis              

Ms. Patricia Redington        

Regional Arts Commission 

Regional Business Council

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry E. Ritter  

Saint Louis Art Museum       

Ms. Ruth M. Saphian            

Mrs. Glenn J. Sheffield        

The Sheldon Arts Foundation            

St. Louis Community College              

St. Louis Public Radio          

St. Louis Regional Chamber               

Stages St. Louis    

Stifel Nicolaus       

Thompson Coburn LLP       

University of Missouri - St. Louis        

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene F. Williams Jr.  


$1,000 - $2,499

Nora and Jan Akerberg       

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin R. Alm   

Mr. and Mrs. Steven T. Anderson       

Anonymous (3)     

Mr. John F. Arnold and Ms. Ann R. Ruwitch     

Mrs. Kathleen M. Askren      

Automobile Club of Missouri               

The Bascom Foundation     

Mr. and Mrs. Craig J. Basler

Mr. Kevin D. Bastien             

Ms. Tricia Bentley-Beal        

Mr. and Mrs. James G. Berges            

Mr. Christopher J. Boedges

Mrs. Maureen A. Borkowski 

John and Marie Brauer        

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen F. Brauer          

Mr. and Mrs. William H. Broderick III  

Mr. and Mrs. Brian D. Buckley             

Mr. David Buckley

Ms. Sarah Buffington           

Bunge North America           

Phoebe and Spencer Burke

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Burnes       

Mr. and Mrs. Jack L. Cahill  

Paul and Elissa Cahn Foundation     

Mr. and Mrs. Brett A. Campbell            

Mr. and Mrs. William F. Campbell       

Mrs. Jennifer S. Carns         

Mrs. Pamela K. Cavness      

Mr. Kenneth R. Cella Jr.       

Ms. Annette L. Charlton       

Mr. Mark S. Christensen      

Mr. and Mrs. Adam Claypool              

Mr. Daniel F. Cole

Mr. Dick B. Cooper               

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Curran          

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald E. Daniels           

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Ditman        

Mr. Brian Donaldson           

Ms. Cynthia A. Doria            

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory B. Dosmann    

John and Yvette Dubinsky  

Dr. and Mrs. Tim Eberlein    

Mrs. Ernest A. Eddy Jr.        

Mr. and Mrs. Julian I. Edison              

Laura and Michael Ellenhorn              

Mr. John L. Ellis   

Engelhardt Family Foundation           

Enterprise Holdings Inc.     

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Esser             

Ms. Joan C. Fernandez       

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent J. Ferrari           

John and Alison Ferring Family Foundation   

Mr. Kevin N. Flatt  

Mr. Richard C. D. Fleming and

Ms. Sarah B. Smith               

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Flynn            

Ms. Jodi L. Foltz-Gay           

Gretta Forrester, Forrester Family Fund

   of the Greater Saint Louis Community Foundation      

Dr. Ira and Judith Gall         

Ms. Kimberly Gannon          

Mr. Moses A. Gayles III        

John and Dora R. Gianoulakis           

Mr. and Mrs. David O. Gifford             

Mr. and Mrs. James W. Gillespie        

Mr. Terrance J. Good          

Mrs. Jean Goodson             

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Gorgen          

Julie and Ralph Grant         

Ms. Vanessa Halim               

Mr. and Mrs. Bryan E. Hargiss            

Mr. Alex G. Heidari               

Mr. and Mrs. Clifton L. Helbert            

Ms. Cary D. Hobbs               

Ms. Lissa Hollenbeck           

Ms. Nicole C. Hollway          

Mr. Donald W. Hopkins       

Mr. and Mrs. Brad C. Iversen              

Mrs. Bettie S. Johnson        

Mr. C. Brendan Johnson     

Mr. and Mrs. Everett J. Johnson        

Mrs. Kristin M. Johnson      

Mrs. Hilda P. Jones              

Ms. Eleanore Withers and

Mr. Ralph W. Kalish Jr.        

Myles and Elaine Kelly        

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy M. Kelly            

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth G. King            

Mr. and Mrs. Ward M. Klein 

Mr. Richard C. Knaup          

Mr. Eric B. Koestner             

Mr. Jeffrey S. Kropschot      

Mr. Paul J. Krupela               

Kuhn Foundation 

Ms. Mary C. Kullman            

Lashly & Baer P.C.

Mrs. Mary Ann Lee               

Mrs. Sally S. Levy 

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy R. Liebman       

Ms. Karen L. Liebsch            

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew H. Liesenfeld   

Mr. A. Janssen Longenecker              

Lucy and Stanley Lopata Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. John Peters MacCarthy 

Mr. James E. Markland        

Mr. and Mrs. David A. Mayo

Mr. Anthony McBride           

Ms. Cynthia McCafferty        

Sanford N. McDonnell Foundation    

Mrs. Jane McKinney            

Ms. Eileen K. McLoughlin    

Ms. Marian V. Mehan           

Mr. Michael L. Menne           

Mr. David W. Mesker Sr.      

Dr. Charles R. Meyer            

Mr. and Mrs. Jean-Paul L. Montupet   

Ms. Betty A. Moulton            

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Mullenschlader            

Mysun Charitable Foundation            

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Ney               

Olin Corporation Charitable Trust      

Mr. Charles Orban

Mr. David G. Otto 

Dr. Robert Packman             

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey J. Panchot          

Ms. Lisa Pelikan   

Ms. Penelope Pennington  

Pershing Place Foundation

Mr. Alan L. Potts   

Ms. Elizabeth S. Powitzky    

PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP            

Mr. and Mrs. Richard N. Priest            

Mr. and Mrs. James Probstein            

Ms. Cynthia A. Prost            

Ms. Emily Rauh Pulitzer       

Dr. Mabel L. Purkerson        

Mr. Anthony J. Pusateri       

Mr. John F. Rahal

Ms. Colleen G. Raley           

Mr. Ray W. Raley Jr.            

Mrs. Michelle L. Reedy        

Mr. and Mrs. James L. Regnier           

Ms. Elaine R. Renner           

Mr. Paul K. Reuter and

   Dr. Janet Brown    

Mr. Thomas R. Rice             

Dr. and Mrs. Leslie Rich      

Mr. and Mrs. Charles N. Rogers         

Ronnoco Coffee Company 

Mr. Arthur V. Russell            

Mr. and Mrs. Peter E. Sargent             

Mr. and Mrs. Harry J. Sauer III             

Dr. Vicki L. Sauter 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Schachner   

Ms. Therese M. Schmittgens               

Mrs. Marilyn A. Schnuck      

Mr. and Mrs. Terry E. Schnuck           

Mr. and Mrs. Shawn E. Schukar          

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Seifert          

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin G. Shifrin             

Mr. and Mrs. Thad W. Simons Jr.       

Mr. Rex A. Sinquefield and

   Dr. Jeanne Sinquefield        

Ruth and Alvin Siteman       

Ms. Judith Cozad-Smith      

Mr. Gregory J. Snapp          

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Srenco              

Staenberg Family Foundation            

Mr. Terry R. Stilt    

Stone, Leyton & Gershman 

Mrs. Mary Strauss 

Mr. Jeffrey A. Stuerman        

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew C. Taylor           

Mr. and Mrs. Scott A. Thoma               

Mrs. Althelia Thomas           

Mr. Lawrence E. Thomas     

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Timm               

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Tricarico Jr.    

Ms. Sheila K. Trimble           

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Trivers           

Mr. Richard G. Unnerstall   

Mr. Michael Uthoff

Mr. and Mrs. Scott D. Van Genderen 

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent A. Vento Jr.       

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Voss            

Mr. David R. Weaver            

Ms. Carol A. Wechsler         

Dr. Mark Weil        

Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Weisbrod    

Mr. David P. Weiss               

Mr. David Wenzel 

Mrs. Lindsey Wilkins           

Williams Venker & Sanders LLC         

Mr. Price P. Woodward         


“The Arts and Education Council is a significant funder for arts that make a difference in the lives of St. Louisans, particularly young people.  With the Arts and Education Council's support, we are able to create innovative programs like our anti-bullying initiative that is reaching over 25,000 students this year alone.  With the Arts and Education Council’s partnership, we continue to show how Shakespeare and the arts are accessible to all.”

– Rick Dildine, Executive Director, Shakespeare Festival St. Louis

$500 - $999

Ms. Connie Ahrens              

Dr. and Mrs. David H. Alpers              

Ms. Melissa A. Altman          

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin D. Anders             

Anonymous (2)     

Mr. Nasheed Anwar              

Ms. Mary V. Atkin  

Mr. Rodney T. Bahr              

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Baldridge       

Mr. Randall L. Bandy           

Mr. and Mrs. Rodrik E. Barber             

Mr. A. J. Bardol Jr.

Mr. Andrew E. Bartek            

Mr. Stephen Bee   

Mr. Robert W. Bliss              

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher T. Blum      

Mr. and Mrs. Rodney O. Bozeman     

Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Breidenbach

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Brennan            

Ms. Julie R. Brissette            

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Brody             

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bronstein               

Mr. Steven R. Brophy           

Ms. Sondra L. Brown           

Mr. and Mrs. Francis X. Buckley Jr.    

Ms. Sara B. Burke 

Mr. Timothy Burke

Mr. Matthew W. Burkemper  

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Burkett

Mr. and Mrs. Keith G. Cain  

Ms. Christie Cange              

Mr. Steven Carani 

Mr. and Mrs. Don R. Carlson              

Dr. Jeffrey Carter  

Casey Communications Inc.               

Mr. Thomas W. Casey         

Mr. Chip Casteel   

Centerpoint Energy - Mississippi River Transmission Corp.         

Ms. I. Marie Bone and Mr. John M. Clear           

Mr. Frederick Z. Clifford      

Mrs. Jennifer Cochran         

Code Consultants Inc.         

Mr. Kendall Coyne               

Mr. Rodney Crim  

Mr. Michael D. Cullen           

Mr. Patrick J. Culleton          

Mr. Stephen E. Cupples       

Mr. Arthur E. Curle

Ms. Chandrea Davis            

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Deutsch   

Dierbergs Markets Inc.         

Mr. John P. Dille   

Ms. Patricia M. Dillon           

Ms. Lisa M. Dolan 

Mr. Gary Dollar     

Mr. and Mrs. Tom B. Domian              

Mrs. Katherine W. Drescher

Mr. Randall A. Dunn             

Ms. Ann Earley and Mr. Bob Siemer   

Ms. Stacey East    

Echo Valley Foundation      

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Embleton          

Mr. Douglas Erwin

Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Fanchi

Mr. and Mrs. William E. Fiala              

Fifth Third Bank   

Mr. and Mrs. Steven L. Finerty            

Mr. Timothy V. Finn             

Fleishman-Hillard Inc.         

Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Fox

Mr. Bradley L. Frick              

Ms. Catherine L. Gallaher    

Mrs. Bettie Gershman          

Ms. Kristin Glaneman          

Ms. Lorraine Glass-Harris   

Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Goldstein       

Mr. Mark A. Grady

Grand Center Inc.

Ms. Kimberly Grbac              

Mr. Andrew Greenberg        

Mr. Claude Gunn  

Mr. and Mrs. James F. Gunn               

Mr. Frank J. Guyol III           

Mr. and Mrs. William M. Haack           

Ms. Karin M. Hagaman         

Mr. Stephen Hall   

Mr. and Mrs. Earle H. Harbison Jr.     

Mr. Ralph M. Harr 

Mrs. Mary Harris   

Mr. Jeffrey and Dr. Aurelia W. Hartenberger                     

Ms. Dorothy J. Heagney      

Mr. and Mrs. Harvard K. Hecker          

Mrs. Mary P. Heger               

Mr. Robert A. C. Heinemann

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Heischmidt    

Mr. Mark E. Hemmersmeier  

Mr. Gerald G. Herman          

Ms. Sandra D. Heuser          

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Heying

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen B. Higgins       

Mr. Jesse D. Hill   

Marian and Maurice L. Hirsch Jr.        

Ms. Sharon Hohman            

Mrs. James H. Howe III        

Interior Investments             

Janet McAfee Inc. 

Mr. James D. Jansen           

Mrs. Susan Rowe Jennings and Mr. Michael Jennings  

Mr. Jon-Pierre Jones           

Mr. Michael W. Jones          

Robert E. and Carol G. Jones             

Josal Foundation 

Ms. Claudia F. Joslin           

Mr. David C. Joyner             

Mrs. Nancy Kalishman         

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence P. Katzenstein                 

Ms. Linda M. Kennedy         

Mr. and Mrs. Nevada A. Kent IV          

Ms. Pamela D. Kibler            

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Kidwell        

Mr. and Mrs. Bret D. Kimes  

Dr. David M. Kipnis              

Ms. Marilu Knode 

Ms. Jacqueline Knox           

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Kohm

Mr. and Mrs. Alan C. Kohn  

Mr. Christopher G. Koo       

Mrs. Dessa M. Kopp             

Dr. Stuart Kornfeld

Mr. Steven Kuehl  

Warren and Susan Lammert

Miss Amy Lampe  

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Langsdorf   

Mr. Robert M. Larose            

Mr. John Lee         

Mr. and Mrs. Ned O. Lemkemeier       

Mr. Kirk M. Leonard              

J. David and Lucy S. Levy   

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher N. Lewis     

Mr. Richard D. Link              

Ms. Alice L. Loftus

Ms. Cheryl A. Lovell             

Mr. and Mrs. Brian R. Lowry

Loy-Lange Box Company   

Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Luebbert               

Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Macon

Mr. Roger M. Macon            

Mr. Michael J. Madalon       

The Magic House, St. Louis Children’s Museum               

Mr. Richard J. Mark              

Mr. Richard H. Marriott Jr.   

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Marshall        

Mr. Peter Martin    

Mr. and Mrs. Brian R. Mathus              

Ms. Katherine Mauzy            

Miss Linda M. McCartney    

McCormack Baron Salazar Inc.           

Mr. and Mrs. John F. McDonnell        

McKendree University         

Mrs. Patricia W. McMillan    

Mr. Michael P. McNerney     

Ms. Melissa Mercille             

Mr. Jeremy L. Michelman     

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Mickens           

Mr. Andrew T. Miedler          

Mr. Matthew J. Mikula           

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Minogue       

Mr. David P. Minton             

Mr. Harry Moore   

Dr. Julia K. Muller and Mr. Earl K. Shreckengast               

Ms. Joelle M. Myszka           

Ms. Janet W. Newcomb       

Mrs. Lisa Nichols 

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Niemann          

Mr. Robbie A. Obermiller      

Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Offerman        

Mr. Vincent Ohlman             

Timothy and Kara Graziano O’Leary  

Mr. James Olsen  

Ms. Jane F. Ott and Mr. Steve Ronollo              

Mr. Philip D. Owen               

Ms. Mary Patton    

Ms. Lisa L. Peel     

Mr. Brieghton L. Pigg           

Mrs. Emily Roberts Pitts       

Mr. Joseph G. Porter           

Julie and Dan Portman        

Mr. David F. Powers             

Mr. Michael J. Powers          

Mr. Douglas M. Prewitt         

Mr. Mark Rawlins  

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Reagan         

Mrs. Lauren D. Reeves         

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin T. Regen        

Mr. Mark W. Reinsch           

Mr. and Mrs. Kurt E. Reitz    

Ms. Julie A. Remacle            

Mr. Timothy J. Rice              

Mr. Raymond Q. Riddle       

Dr. and Mrs. Daniel K. Riew

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne A. Roberts          

Mr. Morris J. Robinson        

Mr. Mark Sableman               

Mrs. Elizabeth Gentry Sayad               

Mr. Jan E. Schamis              

Mr. David P. Scheffer           

Ms. Ellen L. Schmidt            

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Schoemehl Jr.  

Mrs. Mary Ellen Schukai      

Mr. Harry Schumacher         

Ms. Theresa Secrest            

Mr. David T. Senay               

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Sgroi            

Shade Tree Service Company            

Mrs. Helen S. Shopmaker    

Mr. Larry J. Shroth               

Ms. Suzanne Sitherwood     

Mr. and Mrs. J. Richard Skouby         

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen D. Smith           

Mr. and Mrs. Steven P. Smith              

The St. Louis Children’s Choirs         

St. Louis Zoo        

Ms. Amy M. Starzyk              

Mr. Mark S. Statler

Ms. Shauna Stewart              

Mr. Steven R. Sullivan          

Ms. Irene L. Thalden            

Dr. Robert J. Thomasson    

Mr. and Mrs. Dimitrios Tsoukas          

Mr. Ted Tuburen   

Mr. and Mrs. James S. Turley              

Mr. Jacob Venetis 

Mr. Dudley Von Holt             

Mr. David R. Waggoner and Ms. Audrey Meyer

Mr. Franklin F. Wallis          

Walsh & Associates Inc.      

Mr. Mark D. Waltermire        

Drs. Stephen R. and Gillian Waltman

Mr. R. Randall Wang           

Ms. Katherine Warne           

Ms. Anne Weber   

Mr. and Mrs. James F. Weidman        

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Welborn        

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Werner

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond M. Wiesehan Jr.           

Ms. Deborah L. Williams      

Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Winter           

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Wolff      

Mr. and Mrs. Philip B. Wright              

Mr. David L. Young              

Mr. and Mrs. Bradley A. Ytterberg       

Ms. Deborah L. Williams

Ms. Jennifer A. Willingham

Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Winter

Mr. and Mrs. Philip B. Wright

Dr. Mark S. Wrighton and

Ms. Risa Zwerling

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas H. Yaeger

Mr. and Mrs. Bradley A. Ytterberg