It’s not every day you get to watch a Steinway O small grand piano move into the building. This week as Open Studio Network got settled in their new space in the Centene Center for the Arts, we got to do just that.

Open Studio Network uses the latest advances in technology to offer access to premier Jazz artists via online music lessons in a simple, interactive platform. Users can choose from lessons in bass, drums, guitar, piano, and trumpet.

Co-founders Peter Martin and Dan Martin started Open Studio Network in 2015. They have since added Ian Martin, membership manager and video editor, and Adam Maness, creative content manager, to the team. Open Studio Network was most recently incubating at CIC, until they got word that nearly 3,000 square feet of space was opening up for below-market rent in the Centene Center. They jumped at the opportunity.

As they get settled, we’re excited to see – and hear – what they will bring to the community of Centene Center tenants and the St. Louis arts community. (Did we mention they want to start a weekly tenant ping-pong tournament? Excuse us while we go dust off our paddles.)

And for the record, we didn’t need a crane to get the piano in the building (probably a good thing considering how windy it was on move-in day). The piano is now tuned after its ride up the elevator and filling the halls with life here in the Centene Center.

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