Did you know that more than one-third of the Arts and Education Council’s funding comes from workplace giving campaigns? In the coming months, several organizations and corporations will kick off their annual campaigns to raise funds for A&E and to keep art happening in St. Louis. Here are a few tips and tricks for how to make your next campaign its most successful yet.

1. Tell the Workplace Giving story

First and foremost, your fellow employees should have a clear idea of where their donations are going and how they will impact the local community. A great way to do this is by hosting a Workplace Giving Campaign kickoff event with performances from local arts organizations. Organizations on a smaller campaign budget can make just as strong an impact by using the arts to convey campaign messages. Past participants have done so by using visual art and even campaign songs to spread campaign awareness.

2. Set clear goals

Whether big or small, setting a clear fundraising goal is essential to every Workplace Giving Campaign. Setting a goal and clearly conveying it to employees increases motivation to give and allows for timely updates on campaign progress. It may also be beneficial to set goals within individual departments in order to make reaching the overall goal a less daunting task.

3. Create community partnerships

Local businesses can be a key resource for fundraising activities. Many of your neighboring businesses are likely more than happy to contribute in some way, whether it be by donating prizes for a raffle basket or by sponsoring various giving activities. By doing so, you can increase awareness for the arts and local business all at once!

4. Have fun!

Each year, Workplace Giving Campaigns provide an excellent opportunity for employees to have fun and work together for a good cause. One great way to get your employees excited about giving are scheduling interactive activities and competitions like 50/50 raffles, art auctions and trivia nights.

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Here’s to a successful workplace giving campaign. When the arts thrive, our city thrives!

To learn more about Workplace Giving and access additional campaign resources, click here.